Inter-rock Announces the Sale of Mill Creek Dolomite

Toronto, Ontario – February 9, 2022 – Inter-Rock Minerals Inc. (TSX-V: IRO) (“Inter-Rock” or the “Company”) announced today that it has sold its Oklahoma based dolomite business, Mill Creek Dolomite LLC (“Mill Creek”) to United States Lime & Minerals Inc. (“USLM”) for U.S.$6.40 million in cash, excluding Mill Creek debt and accrued interest of U.S.$2.24 million that was repaid at closing on February 9, 2022 with a portion of the proceeds of the sale in accordance with the terms of the sale agreement.  After the repayment of debt and initial working capital adjustments, the Company will receive net cash of U.S.$3.53 million, subject to further working capital and other adjustments, if any.

Mill Creek owns and operates a dolomite quarry and plant in Oklahoma and sells into specialty markets for dolomite, principally glass, roofing materials and aglime.  USLM is a public company trading on the Nasdaq exchange and is a manufacturer of lime and limestone products.

Mill Creek accounted for 7% of Inter-Rock’s consolidated revenue in 2020 and 6% in the first nine months of 2021.  As a matter of course, Inter-Rock assesses its operating businesses and as a result, determined that it was in the best interests of the Company to focus on the animal feed nutritional supplement market.  With the sale of Mill Creek, Inter-Rock’s businesses are now exclusively focused on providing premium animal feed supplements, primarily to the U.S. dairy industry.

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About Inter-Rock

Inter-Rock owns two operating businesses: Papillon Agricultural Company Inc. (“Papillon”) and MIN-AD, Inc. (“MIN-AD”). Papillon is a US based marketer and distributor of toll manufactured premium dairy feed nutritional supplements, including MIN-AD’s products.  MIN-AD is engaged in the production and marketing of high purity dolomite to the animal feed industries in the United States.

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